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Upcycled Ingredients

Outcast is more than just a food company, we're a community that relies on each other to create a more sustainable future. Your commitment to sustainability and eliminating food waste is matched by the integrity of local farmers, and food producers, big and small. Together, we are saving the produce to save the planet.

Some uses for our powders...

Wanna help us save the planet?

Close to one billion tons of fruits and vegetables are tossed from farms and grocers every year. When that rejected produce ends up in landfills it generates greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Rescued produce turned into Outcast Nutrition does more than keeping your nutrition on point, it’s helping to save the planet.

Then, let's work together!

We work with food producers and consumer packaged good companies who value exceptional, sustainable ingredients to create exceptional products. Our dried whole food powders are used in a variety of goods from pet food, soups, protein powders, baby food and cosmetics. Buying from us means you support local farms and workers and environmental sustainability. High fives all around.

We've joined forces with some of the most respected names in the food game to bring us all one step closer to a sustainable future!