Outcast is only as strong as it’s community. We love to support local and national initiatives with purpose, and individuals who are aligned with the Outcast brand. We are geared towards sustainable and environmental action, outdoors, athletics, wellness and mindfulness. Our team is proud to be champions of plan-based lifestyles but our goal is to promote healthy living whatever that means to you.


We’re all in if…

We’re out if …


Requesting in-kind donations in the form of product


If you are a pro, amateur or aspiring athlete, yogi, chef or nutritionist


Apply with 90- days notice

If you don’t have a protein powder or drink as a sponsor already


Hosting an event that promotes wellness, athletic competition, just-for-fun competition. Double points if it’s a plant-based event and triple points if it’s for a charitable cause


You don’t have a goal to reach or a tale to tell. While this is subjective we want to sponsor people who are doing great big things that align with our brand 



We are a prize for a profit-based event where participants pay a fee and our product is being used to reward participants.



Applying with less than 90 days notice

Requesting cash donations

Think you've got what it takes to be a misfit?

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