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Our Process

Our process is unlike any other. To pull off our upcycling caper we not only have to work with the food industry to rescue imperfect produce but we had to create technology that ensures that the fruits and vegetables maintain all their vital micronutrients.The Outcast Upcycling process gives food a fighting chance!

Imperfect perfection

There’s nothing too fancy about how we do what we do — we just wanted to find a way to make sustainable, high-performance supplements that work harder for you. The nutrition industry doesn't always prioritize environmental sustainability, but we decided to make it a key feature of our company.

Think about the number of resources that go into growing a fruit or vegetable, not only the people-power but also Mother Nature, the nutrients from the soil, sunlight, the water. It’s wild that we let this all go to waste in the name of perfect-looking produce! This is where Outcast steps in.

A little magic & hard working farmers

We work with farmers, grocers and food processors to rescue imperfect produce destined for the dump. After a sturdy handshake, we load up all the misfit produce into our cold trucks, keeping the valuable micronutrients intact, and rush them to our zero-waste facility.

Abra-cadabra, new food!

Once they’ve arrived, they are lovingly bathed in a vinegar solution and put through our super-stellar-high-tech Outcast machine. What comes out is dehydrated produce packed with all the goods you’d get from plucking fruits and vegetables right from the earth. From there, we mill it into a fine powder and abra-cadabra, we have clean, powerful, plant-based supplements! You’re welcome.

Outcast Certifications:

Our technology

We have a hard time keeping a secret that is helping to protect the planet, but our patent-pending technology demands we keep it confidential (for now)! What we can say it’s pretty darn close to magic. When grocery shopping, consumers often forget that some of our favourite produce (and maybe some not-so-favourite, we’re looking at you, rutabaga) has travelled incredible distances to get to their carts. The moment it’s plucked from the earth, tree, or bush, the nutrients start to dissipate. So when your broccoli comes from Argentina or your cherries come from Chile, the transport time literally sucks the life out of them.

Uses cold hugs

By flash chilling the imperfect produce in our trucks, the cold hugs those micronutrients and keeps them safe, and our technology can dehydrate the produce without zapping the good stuff. Think about it: The whole point of produce is that it’s supposed to be good for you and yes, you’ll get enough of it, but what if you got all of it.

And your help

While we can’t reveal our secrets just yet, our founders didn’t set out to keep this tech all to themselves. They want this technology to be shared, replicated, improved upon. Our mission is to save the planet, but we are under no illusions that we can do this by ourselves. Innovation and collaboration are how we intend to create a new way of consuming food. Frankly, we want other companies to eventually use our technology so we can all eat our way to a more sustainable future.