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Who We Are

Outcast is a sustainable food tech company that makes beautiful food out of ugly produce. Together with our partners and customers, we are creating a sustainable revolution that will ease food insecurities and lower the carbon footprint of the food supply chain

We're on a mission to solve our food waste problem by rescuing misfit produce from ending up in a landfill. By disrupting the food waste pipeline and reforming it into a new, upcycled plant-based supply chain, we’re one step closer to ending food insecurity and doing it with all the sustainable gusto we can muster!

Outcast works with socially conscious farmers, producers and grocers to create plant-based nutrition for you, the socially conscious consumer. We scoop up the “unsellable” misfit produce that would otherwise end up in a landfill emitting methane gas and we take it to our zero-waste facility where it becomes dried whole food powders.

A Food Revolution

As we grow Outcast will be strategically placing our facilities near farmers, food producers and distributors so that our precious ugly cargo only has to make a short trip and all those juicy micronutrients stay put. 

Our vision for the future is only possible with you, our customers and partners. Everyone has a right to eat healthy, nourishing food and sustainability should not come at a cost to this. We can’t do this alone so we invite other entrepreneurs, experts, businesses and consumers to join us on this food revolution.

Our Founders

Our Head Misfits, Dr. Darren Burke and TJ Galiardi, took their love of plant-based diets and applied their dedication to sustainability and food securities to create Outcast Upcycled Nutrition. Together these two exceptional vegan powerhouses have taken their convictions to a new level, and their goal is to get you involved in helping us save the planet.

Dr. Darren Burke, our CEO, is no stranger to fitness and nutrition. As a former university professor with a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology and a scientific expert in the development and testing of supplements for human clinical trials, Darren brings the smarts to the table. His fierce love of fitness and plant-based diets, coupled with his dedication to creating a more sustainable world, helped him innovate the technology that brought Outcast to life. Beware: if you ever have a call with him, expect him to be lifting weights as he drops some knowledge.

TJ Galiardi, our CMO, is a former NHL Forward who’s played for the Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets. TJ loves smoothies with a fiery passion, hot and cold tub immersion, and shorts (shorts as a passion is the weirdest flex, but we dig it). He’s into all things alternative, and while we don’t quite know what this means, we’re confident it’s stellar.