Two plant-based, active and environmentally conscious guys set out to create a line of whole plant powders for use in supplements. What they discovered was a supply chain with tonnes of waste at every step and a heavy reliance on Chinese ingredients because Canadian and American goods were too expensive.

The magnitude of the waste was staggering. Over $300B and more than 2B tonnes each year in North America. What's worse is that this is coupled with growing food insecurity, kids going to school hungry every day, and the enormous burden on the environment that this discarded food causes while decaying in landfill sites in our communities. 

They realized they were looking at two ends of the spectrum at the same time and thought: "What if we could reduce food waste while simultaneously create high value, whole plant powders for local companies using fruits and vegetables grown right here in our own country!" This would be win-win.

Armed with a big idea, competitive mindset and a relentless work ethic OUTCAST was created and the mission to UPCYCLE surplus produce, reduce food waste, and help the environment began.

MEET THE FOUNDERS: TJ Galiardi is our CMO and is a former NHL Forward. He is a Dartmouth College alumni and played for the Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets. TJ loves smoothies, cold and hot tub immersion, shorts and all things alternative.

Dr. Darren Burke is our CEO and has a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He is a former University Professor and is widely recognized as a scientific expert in the development and testing of supplements for human clinical trials. DB loves to laugh but only when progress is being made and can be seen working his giant pipes in the gym every day.