Spice Up Your Life!

by Outcast Foods

Spice Up Your Life! - Outcast Upcycled Nutrition

I have to begin this blog post by admitting that growing up I never used herbs or spices other than the occasional dash of salt and ground pepper. Once I started living on my own however, I began experimenting with different spices and man oh man was I missing out before! I was also delightfully surprised to learn about the nutritional benefits of these spices as well.

CINNAMON - By far the most-used spice in my cabinet. I use cinnamon in all of my sweet foods such as morning oatmeal, coconut yoghurt, on fruit and in smoothies. Another really great addition to your dinner is cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes. It sounds like an odd combination but trust me, you wont regret it. Adding cinnamon caramelizes the edges of the potato and draws out so much flavour. In addition, cinnamon is packed with antioxidants and is well-known for its blood-sugar lowering properties.

GINGER - I love using both ginger spice and chopped ginger root in my meals. I always add a dash of ginger into my smoothies for a little extra burst of flavour. Ginger is also the perfect spice to add into your nighttime tea because it has a calming effect on your stomach and aids digestion.

TURMERIC - The benefit of turmeric is that it is an extremely diverse spice. You can use it in so many foods -both sweet and savoury. Turmeric is a ginger-relative and contains curcumin, which is a great antioxidant and leaves skin glowing. I love adding turmeric into my smoothies in the morning. Another great way to use it is on tofu (with some ground black pepper) or in a chickpea curry.

COCOA - Cocoa is perfect mixed into any smoothie or oat bowl creation. Another food-hack that I live for is making hot chocolate with one scoop cocoa powder and warmed almond milk. It’s so tasty! Cocoa is great to use in baked goods as well. Not only is it delicious but it too contains beneficial antioxidants to keep your heart healthy.

CUMIN - My favourite way to use cumin is on oven-roasted green veggies such as Brussels sprouts and green beans. It’s also delicious mixed into your favourite chilli recipe. Cumin is naturally rich in iron so it’s a great spice to incorporate into your meals.

Overall, adding spice to your food creations not only enriches the flavours, but also provides you with a wide assortment of health benefits and nutritional value!

By: Olivia Sullivan