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Outcast Foods Has 3872% Online Sales Growth In One Year

Outcast Foods Has 3872% Online Sales Growth In One Year

The world’s first sustainable supplement brand has quadruple digit year over year online sales growth; credits consumer interest in food waste reduction and sustainability. 

HALIFAX, N.S. (May 19, 2021) - 

Halifax based Outcast Foods has reported a massive uptick in direct to consumer sales from their website over the past year. Covid-19 has left consumer products no other choice but to pivot to online sales with the closure of many retailers. However, Outcast Foods’ growth has more to do with people understanding that the products they buy can have an impact on our lives and the environment. While upcycled food is a relatively new innovation, Outcast has spent this past year on elevating the benefits of their products and educating consumers on reducing food waste. 

With recent reports estimating the upcycled food industry being worth $46.7 billion and the supplement industry expected to be worth $216 billion by 2026, Outcast Foods has considerable potential. Outcast’s patent-pending technology has firmly established the company as the leader in the upcycled consumables field and is innovating new product launches, increasing processing capabilities, securing new sources of surplus food and using their upcycled ingredients to help other companies join the sustainability movement. Further, Outcast is dedicated to educating the public on the immense potential of upcycled foods for their personal use and to the benefit of their communities and the planet. 

“Everyone wants to play their part in the battle against climate change, what we’ve done with Outcast Foods has made it easy and delicious to make a positive impact.” said Darren Burke, CEO & Co-Founder of Outcast Foods.

 An expanded offering of plant based protein flavours including mint chocolate chip, lemon migraine and fruit explosion along with the highly acclaimed super greens + Outcast Foods is reducing food waste with every single product sold. 

About Outcast Foods
Outcast Foods is a plant-based technology company that uses surplus produce from grocers, farmers, food producers and manufacturers and turns it into clean, sustainable, nutrient-dense food for wholesale, retail, and consumer use. Our direct-to-consumer products are plant-based, gluten-free protein powders, vitamins and super greens that give our customers peace-of-mind that they are eating their way to a more sustainable future. Our ingredients are used by a wide range of other CPG’s allowing more companies to become a part of a sustainable food economy. More information can be found at

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