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Grand Opening of Outcast Food’s Produce Upcycling Facility

Grand Opening of Outcast Food’s Produce Upcycling Facility

HALIFAX, NS – MP Darren Fisher and Outcast Foods celebrate the grand opening of Outcast Food’s sustainable upcycling facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with a taste of their sustainable, Plant Strong protein shake. (Left to right: MP Darren Fisher, Brian Lowe of Outcast Foods., TJ Galiardi of Outcast Foods and Darren Burke of Outcast Foods)

June 26, 2019 – Outcast Foods welcomed federal and provincial government representatives, business partners, and friends and family, at the grand opening of their sustainable produce upcycling facility in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on June 26, 2019.

Outcast Foods has developed an innovative technology and proprietary process that transforms surplus produce from grocery stores into clean nutrient-dense powders that will become the raw material for many plant-based products.

This process helps to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Atlantic Canada as it diverts unsold produce from entering the landfill and gives it a new, longer life as a powder, along with a better chance to reach the hands of those who need it.

Nova Scotia has one of the highest percentages of food insecure families across Canada and this statistic is what drives Outcast Food’s sustainable nutrition process.

“The amount of food waste from one single grocery store is astonishing. With the number of hungry people reported across our country, it is clear our food system and value system is broken. We are hurting ourselves and our planet by constantly throwing away good, nutritious food.” – Dr. Darren Burke, Co-founder of Outcast Foods

As well, co-founders Darren Burke and TJ Galiardi are both promoters of living sustainable, healthy and active lifestyles. They want to reduce the waste of excess food by transforming it into a more nutritious and versatile product with a longer shelf life that will benefit both the health of the planet and people.

Their products are currently on shelves across Canada in GNC, Popeye’s Supplement stores and Sobeys.

The grand opening showcased the progress of their sustainable upcycling facility and the completion of their production line to begin locally processing surplus produce from grocery stores into nutritiously dense powders for a variety of health supplements and plant-based products.

With the announcement of the federal government supporting Outcast Foods mission, they will be able to continue to grow their clean technology and increase their upcycling capacity to reduce more food waste from grocery stores.

Currently, plans and discussions are underway to partner with a national grocery chain, and to expand their reach with reducing food waste across Canada.


About Outcast Foods

Outcast Foods is a manufacturer of plant-based functional foods. They take surplus fruits and vegetables and convert them into whole plant powders with a long shelf life and packed with nutrients. Using a proprietary patent-pending process, they are reducing food waste and creating powerful ingredient combinations of effective natural health products. Their corporate mission is to create sustainable nutrition for health, performance and the environment.

For further information and interview requests, please contact Josh Gerlofs, Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, at

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