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Canada’s Changemakers team up with Plant-Based Tech company

Canada’s Changemakers team up with Plant-Based Tech company

Outcast Foods stands for sustainability as much as we do for social, environmental and cultural issues. We are committed to more than just words and are proud to have launched a powerful new campaign Outgrow Normal, on November 2nd, 2020. As a company and brand, we are committed to progress which means we believe in mobilization, lifting up marginalized voices and bringing about meaningful change through our platforms and business.  

Outgrow Normal shines a light on Canadian changemakers who are active in their communities and strive to bring awareness and action to the forefront through their art, content creation, sport and sharing their stories. The campaign is about the ambitions, priorities and actions of our communities as much as it’s about our business practices and goals. Outcast believes that if we allow for diverse voices to be heard and create space for innovative ideas, strategies and initiatives, we will become a better company, better leaders and a better brand. 

Outgrow Normal Changemakers will help empower others to believe that normal is not a relevant word to describe anything. Normal is not in our vocabulary! We embrace the outcast, the weird, the atypical, the unconventional and those who are rendered invisible. Outcast treats produce the same way by adopting fruits and vegetables that have been assigned as being less valuable turning them into planet-saving, plant-based nutrition. Outcast is committed to sustainability and shining a light on issues that will help grow a better future for a harmonious planet, and every living thing that inhabits it. “Lettuce” introduce a few of our Outgrow Normal Changemakers:

Marie-France Roy is without question in the vanguard of professional snowboarders who have made the sport what it is today. Beyond her award-winning action-sports accolades and partnerships, Roy is an environmental activist and cultural giant who puts incredible action behind her words. Splitting her time between her sustainably self-built cob house in Ucluelet and the mountains of Whistler, Marie-France sits on the board of Protect our Winters (POW) and is the co-founder of The Westcoast Triple Plank, an annual fundraiser for the Central Westcoast Forest Society that has seen hundreds of pro and amateur athletes participate in skate, snow and surf competitions. Marie-France is a true icon of sport and the environment.

Zahra Siddiqui is a Pakistani-Canadian mixed media artist, photographer and art curator for Launchpad Artscape Daniels in downtown Toronto. Her art is centred around POC and this is extremely intentional as the purpose of her work is to honour the existence of those not given proper representation based on melanin. As the current artist in residence at the Lululemon Flagship store in Toronto, she is working on the second extension of her project, The Invisible Majority. The project, in her own words, is “the consciousness of a society that I have direct contact with. This is the beautiful part of the world and it should be placed on a pedestal, should be given attention, should be valued.” Zahra is a leader in the Toronto art and social justice community and works every day to embolden representation in the arts. 

Davis Testo is a yoga teacher, actor and social activist, but in his former life, he was a captain of the Montreal Impact MLS soccer team. After becoming the first “out” gay professional soccer player in North America, the Impact released him and he was forced to redefine himself and his career. Today, Testo has made an incredible impact on the LGBTQIA+ community, in sports and beyond. He was recently the subject of a documentary called “Standing on The Line,” highlighting some of the few Canadian athletes who have come out as queer. He lives with his fiance, Justin Douglas, in Victoria, BC where they run the Flow State yoga program. David is a true Canadian changemaker and strongly resonates with the mission and goals of Outcast to promote upcycling, waste reduction and healthy nutrition. 

The Outgrow Normal Changemaker team will help to shape our brand leadership goals and as we move into the final month of 2020 and into 2021, we will be introducing more of our Outgrow Normal team to the world. Through creative content, bold ideas and progressive initiatives, Outcast is working to build a brand of action and leadership and we can only do this with the help of our many partners, communities, investors, employees and Changemakers. Welcome to Outgrow Normal. 

Outcast Foods is a plant-based technology company that takes misfit, unsellable or cast-off produce and turns it into clean, sustainable, nutrient-dense food for wholesale, retail and consumer use. Our direct to consumer products are plant-based, gluten-free protein powders, vitamins and super greens that give our customers peas-of-mind that they are eating their way to a more sustainable future 

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