Stopping Food Waste Isn't Easy, But Upcycling Gets Us One Step Closer.

What Is Upcycling

Upcycling gives misfit food a second chance to become perfect. Millions of tons of fruits and vegetables get tossed into the dump because they are considered ugly, irregular or too different to be sold.

At OUTCAST we know that it’s what’s inside that counts and that beauty is subjective. So we take all the misfit or imperfect produce that was destined for the trash and turn it into perfect superfoods.

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Food Waste Problem

Rescuing produce does more than keep your nutrition on point, it’s helping to save the planet.

Close to one billion tons of fruits and vegetables are tossed from farms and grocers every year.

Food rotting in landfill generates a lot of greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming.

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How It Works

We work with local farms, food manufacturers and grocers and use our patent-pending sustainable technology to dehydrate all their rejected, irregular, and past date surplus fruits and vegetables. Dried whole food powders are used in a variety of products from pet food, soups, protein powders, baby food, and cosmetics.

This dramatically reduces food waste, supports local communities and workers, and allows us to put nutrient dense, long shelf life products back into local and national markets for consumers to enjoy. 

Why Buy From Us

We work with some of the biggest consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands in the world, like frozen fruit and vegetable companies because they know it is important for food supply and the environment to upcycle surplus food. Outcast also works with farms, large and small and local food producers to help alleviate their burden of misfit produce or waste. Buying from us means you support local farms and workers and environmental sustainability.